30 Minutes from Leadership Excellence

During a recent coach training event, one of the participants asked me a question that I had never been asked before.  The participant asked, “What are the top areas that you coach pastors on?” 

What a great question!

While every pastor and ministry leader is unique – there are several common themes that have emerged among the pastors that I coach.

One of the top areas I coach pastors on is Leadership Development.  Frequently the conversation begins as follows, “I have read the books on leadership and I’m a fairly good leader.  But I know I can be better.  In fact, in order for our ministry to move forward I need to be a better leader. Can you help me?”

Can coaching develop a leader?  Yes. Absolutely!

While there are many ways that a coach can develop a leader, one of the core ways is by inviting the leader to think out loud.  Time to think is essential for outstanding leadership.

I am amazed just how little time most ministry leaders devote to thinking.  Time to think helps the leader to separate the forest from the trees.  Creative thinking, dreaming and visioning happens in this thinking space.  Many ministry leaders want to act strategically even though they haven’t taken the time to think strategically.

A key contribution of coaching is the actual scheduling of a 30 – 45 minute appointment with the coach.  This forces the ministry leader to stop what they are doing and think strategically with another professional.

Most pastors are just 30 minutes away from leadership excellence.  Seriously!

You and your church will benefit tremendously when you work with a coach.

Give coaching a try!

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Join us at one of our upcoming on-site trainings! 

Coaching skills can dramatically enhance your effectiveness and impact as a leader. The results are that your church will grow and thrive.  As a coach, you will be better able to help others:

  • clarify their goals
  • identify steps to achieve their goals
  • take action
  • focus and stay on task

At all of our coach training events, you will observe coaching in action and also have ample opportunity to practice coaching and to be coached yourself.

These training events are especially designed for those that want to complete most of their coach training in one week.  Most of Modules 1 and 2 will take place during this week, with the remaining classes offered through online distance learning.

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