A Coach for a Coach

I have conversations almost every single day about the value of coaching. And so of course I need to model that in my own life and business. While I get plenty of coaching in practice sessions with students and associate coaches, I recently hired a dedicated coach for my business. Wow, I had forgotten how beneficial it can be to have that structured time with a trained ear.

I wanted to stretch into spending more time working ON my business rather than IN my business, a concept explored in The E-Myth Revisted by Michael E. Gerber (highly recommended). Pastors, I know you can relate to this concept of being so busy working IN your ministry every day that you’re not working ON  it – such as taking time to create a vision and working towards making it happen.

Talking with my coach and taking that time to be 100% focused on my own goals, it was effortless for me to be fully present in the conversation and get a laser-focused view of my situation. Even more importantly, this is someone outside of my business – in fact, he’s not professionally involved in the church at all. And that objective perspective is invaluable. This is a good reminder for pastors-turned-coaches to be open to finding clients in corporate settings – they may be just as eager for the new different vantage point you have to offer.

For anyone reading this who has not experienced the power of coaching, please visit our Find a Coach page for a free introductory session with any of our coaches. There is no obligation, only an opportunity for a powerful conversation that is completely focused on your needs and goals.

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