A + I + A = ?

I have a formula that provides me a quick, easy assessment of the person I am coaching.  Frequently, during a coaching session, I will share this formula and ask that they do a quick self-assessment.

Here’s the formula:  A + I + A = REAL Change  

  • A = Awareness:  Before any intentional change can happen there needs to be an awareness of the need for change.  When I am coaching someone I listen for:
    • How aware is this person of the need for change?
    • Have they drilled down to the core issues?
  • I = Intention:  Awareness alone rarely changes anything.  I want to know what their intentions are.
    • What do they want to do with their awareness?
    • On a scale of 1 to 10, how ready is this person to initiate change?
    • What is still needed?
  • A = Action:
    What’s the plan?  Is the plan well thought out?  Or, are they shooting from the hip?

When all three are combined the result is REAL, LASTING CHANGE.

Try this out on yourself.  Or, an individual or group you are working with.

All the best to you,



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