Accountability Shows You Have Faith in Your Clients

Today we have more accountability lessons from our trainers, this time from Skip Grover, who writes:

 Skip Grover

One of the most important things about coaching is that it creates accountability – a tool for measuring actions taken and a method of reporting on learning from the coaching session.

Here are some of the things I have found to be helpful for both the coach and the coachee in regards to accountability:


  1. Help the coachee to formulate a plan of action that is realistic for them. This requires the coach to know the coachee well and through the use of questions help them develop a plan that will work for them.
    1. What will you do?
    2. When will you do it? (Is this an ongoing action?)
    3. How will I know? (How will the coachee track his or her progress and how will they report back?)
  2. Help the coachee develop a plan of action with incremental steps. Sometimes we want to do everything in one BIG step. Remember that we can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. Work with the coachee as they define their action plan to take bite-sized steps. This also helps them to have successes, which will motivate them to continue.
  3. Let them know that you have faith in them as they begin living out their plan. You are their partner. Encourage them; sometimes push them, when you know they are capable of doing more or better. Don’t spend time in judgment or scolding. Remember you are in this together.
  4. Let there be room for failure; when it is okay to not get it all right the first time – or for that matter the second time – fear can be taken out of the plan and the coachee is much more apt to move forward and attempt things that looked impossible to accomplish.


Always keep in mind that without accountability, no coaching has happened. It was just a great conversation and the coach and coachee both go away unfulfilled.


Our job and our mission as coaches is to walk with the coachee as they make new and better choices and new behaviors in their life. All this requires accountability so we know if we are on track – after all, we are partners in this life change!


Larry PerkinsNote: Our fourth regional director is Larry Perkins, who oversees our coach training in Texas.

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J. Val Hastings

J. Val Hastings, MCC, is the Founder and President of Coaching4Clergy, which provides specialized training for pastors, church leaders and coaches. Val is the author of the book The Next Great Awakening: How to Empower God’s People with a Coach Approach to Ministry and the e-book The E3-Church: Empowered, Effective and Entrepreneurial Leadership That Will Keep Your Church Alive. Val currently holds the designation of Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, the highest coaching designation.

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