Are We Missing Out on the Holy Days?

I’ve been noticing a trend in my coaching conversations and training sessions and it started back in November. Even with the holidays approaching, people seemed to already be looking right past Christmas and towards what they want to jump into on January 1st.

I work with pastors and church leaders.

This is one of the holiest times of the year.

What’s going on?

I’m getting this sense of people wanting to get moving; they just don’t want to be in holiday mode. There’s a feeling of impatience with the here and now, preferring instead to be 30, 60 or 90 days ahead.

Somehow it made me think of Rip Van Winkle, except instead of saying, “Wake me when all this hard work is over,” people are saying, “Let’s skip over this holiday stuff and dig into the hard work of 2012!”

In our training program about coaching the lead pastor, we talk about how a common theme for senior pastors is that it’s like they’re flying at 30,000 feet in the air – focusing on the big picture perspective and vision for their congregation and community. It’s a unique vantage point, and when you’re operating from that height it’s like time moves at a different pace.

While this is an excellent time to be planning and projecting for 2012, what are you missing out on because you’re looking so far ahead? What strength will you have to draw on come January 1st, if you haven’t taken any time for spiritual nourishment, rest or rejuvenating your close relationships?

It’s time to land that plane in the here and now of the holiday season. Next week, I’ll share some concrete suggestions and personal examples about how to give yourself permission to be present for this holy time.

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