Are we too soft? How did Jesus challenge?

People don’t grow without challenge.  Are we too soft when we talk with people? How do we change the conversation to enable others to grow in their faith? Programs often don’t work.  We understand it’s about the conversation and we know that a coaching style is useful.  How did Jesus challenge?

Join Master Coaches Claire Pedrick and J Val Hastings and a group of 20 people from across the world who want to have better conversations.

  • We will spend four hours together in our online training room looking at what we can learn from Jesus about challenge
  • You’ll need time to do pre and follow up work
  • Dates: Thursdays 12th and 19th November 17.00 – 19.00 UK (12.00 – 14.00 EST)
  • Cost: £120 inc VAT ($160 – the exact exchange rate will be calculated at the checkout)
  • 8 hours Coach Training Hours (4 hours Creating Awareness – 4 hours Direct Communication… 4 hours synchronous – 4 hours asynchronous)


Please choose at least one gospel and read it through the lens of Blakey and Day’s Challenge Grid and Kim Scott’s Radical Candour Grid

Look at every word that Jesus spoke and see if you are able to allocate it to one of the groups:

  1. Low support/ Low challenge or Don’t care or challenge specifically
  2. High support/Low challenge or Care and don’t challenge – unclear
  3. High challenge/Low support or Challenge and don’t care
  4. High challenge/High support or Care personally and challenge directly

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