Are You in the Midst of Major Change?

If you are in the midst of major change, then coaching is perfect for you. 

I’ve written this month on the top reasons that ministry leaders work with me as their coach.  Here’s what I’ve identified so far:

  • Leadership development
  • Personal health and well-being
  • They have been told they have to work with a coach, or else!

There is a 4th reason and it involves change – major change.  Let me give you a few examples:

  • I’m starting a new position and want to start strong.
  • My church is undertaking a major project and I need to step-up my leadership.
  • My role is changing and I need to make some significant changes in how I lead

If you are at a place of major change, then coaching is perfect for you. 

Coaching helps people get to the core of who they are and facilitates significant shifts – in perspective, attitude and action.  The result is that the person shows up at their best!

Several years ago a church leader asked me, “How can you justify charging a fee to coach our pastor?”  My response, “Place a dollar amount on having a pastor that shows up regularly at her best.  A pastor that can clearly cast the vision of your church, as well as communicate the next steps.  Imagine a pastor that knows what is her responsibility and what it not her responsibility.”

If you are at a place of major change, then coaching is perfect for you!

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 Why would a pastor or ministry leader want to take advantage of coach training?

What would be the benefits to your ministry setting?

  • fresh perspectives on personal challenges
  • enhanced decision-making skills
  • greater interpersonal effectiveness
  • increased confidence
  • appreciable improvement in productivity
  • satisfaction with life and work
  • and the attainment of relevant goals

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