Being skilled at caring for people is NOT enough!

One of the recurring complaints that I hear about pastors is that they don’t care enough about their church members.  In other words, they don’t visit enough – in the hospital, nursing home or member homes.


Something needs to be done. Right!

I believe that the average pastor feels a real tension between pastoral care and leadership.  Most of the pastors that I coach are genuinely conflicted about this.

Here’s the reality….in today’s church, being skilled at caring for people is NOT enough!

30 years ago at my ordination service, the bishop advised the newly ordained to “Just love your people.” And that we would be successful at ministry if we just did this.

I get it!  People need to know that we care.  We must be competent at this.

And competency at pastoral care is NOT enough.  Something more is needed!

My questions for you this, “What is the something more that is needed?”

I invite you to prayerfully consider this question.


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