Brief isn’t a nicety, it’s a neccessity!

P.T. Barnum and Walt Disney are often attributed to the famous saying,

“Always leave them wanting more.”   These two individuals understood the importance of being brief.

Joseph McCormack addresses this topic in his book, Brief: Make a Big Impact by Saying Less. After a quick review, you will agree that being brief isn’t a nicety, it’s a necessity!  McCormack’s book is filled with valuable insights and information – it’s a great read.

I’d like to pass along one of his valuable insights for your consideration:  It takes time to be ready to say less. In other words, we need to prepare to be brief.  His BRIEF Map will help you prepare to be brief:

B – Background/Beginning
R – Reason/Relevance
I  – Key Information
E – Intended Ending
F – Follow-Up Questions

Enjoy being brief this week.

All the best to you,
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