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Leadership has many facets, and in the shifting landscape of business, coaching is a skill that can support sustainable performance and results.  Despite shrinking budgets, changing demographics, and uncertain preparation, today’s leaders and business owners are expected to develop others, affect change positively, and exceed organizational and client expectations.  To do this effectively, leaders and business owners must learn how to coach effectively, efficiently, and strategically.

Coaching4BusinessLeaders  was founded by author and Master Certified Coach Val Hastings.  Val has partnered with Trigena H. Halley, Professional Certified Coach, to start a global training organization to equip leaders, business owners, and organizations with coaching skills for impact, sustainability, and results.  Honed by years of experience, Coaching4BusinessLeaders equips leaders, business owners, and organizations with the competency and skills to be effective leaders and coaches.

Coaching4BusinessLeaders offers a variety of opportunities to partner with us, including our Professional Coach Training program, which is accredited through the International Coach Federation.  Graduates will improve their leadership capacity and learn how to empower their direct reports and teams.  In addition many graduates implement internal coaching programs or start private coaching practices.

J. Val Hastings, MCC, is the Founder and President of Coaching4BusinessLeaders, which provides specialized coach training for Val - bestleaders, organizations and business owners. Val hired his first coach while he was pastoring at a local United Methodist church. His progress was noticeable by all, and he began to wonder, “What if I adopted a coaching approach to ministry? What if the larger church adopted a coaching approach to ministry?” In that moment a vision began to emerge—a global vision of Every Pastor, Ministry Staff and Church Leader a Coach” through Coaching4BusinessLeaders’ sister organization, Coaching4Clergy. 

Trigena H. Halley began coach training in 2007 and quickly realized how transformational her coach training Trigena Halleywould be in leading others on a global level.   While working for a large global organization she, along with another coach, developed an internal coaching program to affect change across the organization through leadership coaching, coach training for leaders as well as team coaching.  Later she founded her own organization – Peak Performance CCT, LLC – where she coaches leaders, coaches and organization through a results focused leadership approach. In 2008, Trigena and Val began collaborating and working together to serve organizations in a coaching capacity.  Their vision was to support leaders as coaches and organizations that want to implement a coaching culture.  Together, with years of experience, they support leaders and organizations as they develop a superior, sustainable, and results-driven workforce. Val currently holds the designation of Master Certified Coach (highest coaching designation) and Trigena currently holds the designation of Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

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