Can a bishop coach the pastors in their episcopal area?

What a great question!

This was one of several questions addressed during a recent panel discussion for one of our coach training classes.  The panel included an executive pastor, transitional pastor, conference staff and….a bishop. All four participants are graduates of our coach training program and all four are using their coaching skills in their current ministry setting. 

At the core of this question is a bigger question, Can you coach those you supervise and evaluate?

All four panelists, including the bishop, described how their coaching skills and a coaching approach positively influenced their roles and interaction with those they supervised.  The concensus among the panelists was that their coaching skills greatly enhanced their performance. They also spoke about how their ability to coach is somewhat limited because of their supervisory role.

If you have been wondering if coaching can help you be more effective, remember what our panelists offered: Bishops, supervisors and those they supervise benefit from a coaching approach.

Next week’s question, Can a pastor coach his bishop?

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