Can a pastor coach his bishop?

To date I have had the privilege of coaching and training 9 bishops representing various denominations and associations.  Each bishop has expressed the value of being coached officially and unofficially.  In various ways, they all expressed deep appreciation when someone helped them be their very best!

For the past several years The Church Network (formerly the National Association of Church Business Administration) has invited me to teach a workshop called, Coaching Upward.  This workshop offers practical insights and approaches to coaching the senior pastor.  I will be with them this July in Nashville, TN.

I like to begin this workshop with the following admission: I am a former senior pastor and, when I was a senior pastor, I was counting on my team to coach me!

Leaders need those around them to speak candidly and directly to them. They need you to help them see the obvious, as well as stay on task with a powerful question when they are tempted to get distracted or derailed.    

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On-Site Training

Research and experience shows that coaching skills can dramatically enhance your effectiveness and impact as a leader. The results are that your church will grow and thrive.  As a coach, you will be better able to help others:

  • clarify their goals
  • identify steps to achieve their goals
  • take action
  • focus and stay on task

During our on-site training, you have the opportunity to step out of your current role and immerse yourself in coach training. You also have the opportunity to interact and network with other coaches and students face to face.

Join us: 

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – April 27 – May 1, 2015

To read more about our Professional Coach Training program, which is fully accredited through the International Coach Federation, click below:  

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