Can Anyone Learn to Coach?

240px-Human-Hands-Front-BackWhen I lead a coach training workshop one of the participants will usually asks me:  Can anyone learn how to coach?

The REAL question–The question behind this question is usually….Will I be able to learn how to coach?

At first glance, coaching seems so easy. Anyone can do it! Yet, very quickly new coaches discover that there is of unlearning that needs to happen.

Can anyone learn how to coach? Read on…..

What needs to be unlearned?

What do new coaches typically unlearn?I like to describe the unlearning process like this: I’m right handed. Becoming a coach is like putting my right hand behind my back and intentionally using my left hand. It’s awkward and challenging. Eventually though, with practice, I can learn how to use my left hand. Then, I can bring out my right hand and use both hands. That’s coaching!

• Telling others what to do.
• Being the expert.
• Filling up the silence with words
• Asking Que-ggestions—suggestions disguised as a question
• Trying to fix people

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