One of the things that I enjoy about coaching teams is that every team is unique and different. In fact, teams often have their own code language. For example, when one of the members of teams I recently coached would get side-tracked or long-winded, the members of the team would say: ELMO! This was followed by light laughter and […]

You Don’t Want to Miss This!

It’s hard to believe that the summer months of June, July and August have come and gone. As we turn our attention to September and the Fall months, there are a number of upcoming events that I want to make sure that you are aware of. HAWAII COACH TRAINING: Join us in Hawaii for 4 days […]

How are you at getting things done?

The saying “Git R Done” is a phrase that comedian, Larry the Cable-Guy, made popular. In addition to the laughter that this phrase evokes, Git R Done is also a forgotten leadership skill. Great leaders know how to Git R Done!  Truly great leaders have developed, cultivated, and practiced the skill of execution. Why do many leaders […]

Is it time for a Hat Inventory?

Too many hats-Not enough time!  Time for a Hat Inventory? The following questions are offered as a way to coach yourself on the hats that you wear in ministry: Do a hat inventory.  How many hats do you wear in any given month of ministry? What hats longer fit, nor serve you well? What hat have […]

Your Start Coaching in 60 Minutes Audio

Start Coaching in 60 Minutes – 11/22/11 Audio Recording To download this audio, right click on the audio picture and select SAVE LINK AS and save it to your computer.