How are you at getting things done?

The saying “Git R Done” is a phrase that comedian, Larry the Cable-Guy, made popular. In addition to the laughter that this phrase evokes, Git R Done is also a forgotten leadership skill. Great leaders know how to Git R Done!  Truly great leaders have developed, cultivated, and practiced the skill of execution. Why do many leaders […]

Is it time for a Hat Inventory?

Too many hats-Not enough time!  Time for a Hat Inventory? The following questions are offered as a way to coach yourself on the hats that you wear in ministry: Do a hat inventory.  How many hats do you wear in any given month of ministry? What hats longer fit, nor serve you well? What hat have […]

Your Start Coaching in 60 Minutes Audio

Start Coaching in 60 Minutes – 11/22/11 Audio Recording To download this audio, right click on the audio picture and select SAVE LINK AS and save it to your computer.