Certificate in Discipleship Coaching

discipleshipThis course is recommended for pastors, church leaders, and leaders of missional communities who desire to develop a discipleship culture within their ministry context. The Certification in Discipleship Coaching is a twenty-four hour course taught by Nelson and Pam Roth (PCC) from Relevant Ministry, Inc. in partnership with Coaching4Clergy.

Become a Discipleship Coach!   

Jesus asked 300+ questions requiring listeners to think through their responses about following Him. How are questions part of your disciple making? @nelsonroth

  • This course will give pastors and leaders necessary discipleship coaching skills to lead their ministry as an overseer of discipleship.
  • This course is also continued education (CCE units) for credentialed coaches who desire to learn coaching with a discipleship focus.
  • The 24 hours of training fulfill elective requirements for C4C’s Professional Coach Training

This course also qualifies leaders interested in being a Relevant Ministry Discipleship Coach to other churches.

This course is offered online LIVE on the following dates and times:

  • Thursdays, October 12 – November 16, 2017 from 6-10pm Eastern Time
  • Tuesdays, February 20-March 27, 2018 from 1-5pm Eastern Time


October/November 2017

button_registerOct/Nov 2017 – Full Payment – $795.00*
*$12.99 plus shipping will be added to your shopping cart for the required book (Nehemiah Response, a Coaching Model)

button_registerOct/Nov 2017 – Payment Plan – $146.00 per month for 6 months*
*$12.99 plus shipping will be added to your shopping cart for the required book (Nehemiah Response, a Coaching Model)

February/March 2018

button_registerFeb/Mar 2018 – Full Payment – $795.00*
*$12.99 plus shipping will be added to your shopping cart for the required book (Nehemiah Response, a Coaching Model)

button_registerFeb/Mar 2018 – Payment Plan – $146.00 per month for 6 months*
*$12.99 plus shipping will be added to your shopping cart for the required book (Nehemiah Response, a Coaching Model)

If you are interested in receiving your coaching credential (ACC or PCC) from the International Coach Federation and would like to complete Coaching4Clergy’s Professional Coach Training program, the Certificate in Discipleship Coaching course will fulfill all of your elective requirements. The additional cost to complete the Professional Coach Training program is $3585.00 (The additional cost for Professional Coach Training Part 1 only is $1925.00, and the additional cost for Professional Coach Training Part 2 only is $1660.00.) To register for PCT Part 1 and/or Part 2, please contact the office manager at wendy@coaching4clergy.com.

At the completion of this course you will have a confident grip on answers to these questions:

What do I believe about discipleship?
How would I define discipleship?
What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?
What particular disciplines characterize a follower of Christ?
How can we implement a discipleship culture in our church?
How do you make disciples?
What impact does the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission have on the spiritual health of your life and your ministry?
What challenges might arise with a shift to emphasizing discipleship in your church?
How could a coaching approach act as a catalyst for transformation and multiplication?
What will be the outcomes of an intentional transformational process of making disciples?

Mark 3:14 (Jesus) “appointed twelve so that they might be with him”
Learn how to make discipleship relational.

Here’s what leaders are saying:

Dr. Phyllis Riney
Leadership Coach
Texas Conference UMC

I have been searching for and researching Discipleship Pathways for several years. What I found in this training is a Discipleship Pathway that actually has potential for making and multiplying disciples. The course content was rich. An added bonus is spending time focusing on the 7 disciplines with my Relevant Discipleship Coach that has energized and deepened my own relationship with God. I look forward to passing it on.

Dr. David P. Hyatt
Effective Ministries Coaching and Consulting
St. Louis, Missouri

Sometimes God shows up when we least expect it, and taking the Discipleship Coaching Course was one of those times. I have experienced a wonderful new opportunity to learn and grow in my own walk with Christ as well as to share His love through Discipleship Coaching. I greatly appreciated the theology of the Discipleship Coaching Course, as it was extremely balanced. That is a blessing since I primarily work with mainline churches. In the classes there was great participation by class members.This pathway is an excellent process blended with coaching.

Bil Barkley, LPC
Minister of Education and Senior Adults
First Baptist Church
Mount Pleasant, Texas

This course afforded me the opportunity to take an in-depth look at biblical discipleship with others from a variety of denominational, business, and experiential backgrounds. These perspectives helped to broaden and deepen my learning experience in ways I’ve not had access to before. The Relevant Discipleship Process has become a life-saver for me. My frustration has been with programs and classes that produce smarter Christians, yet, not necessarily mature believers. I’m excited to discover how this process will be planted within my local church.

Rev. DeeDee Autry, Senior Pastor
Mountainside United Methodist Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Discipleship Coaching and engaging in the Relevant Discipleship Pathway has brought me back to the basics. So many times in the church we try to modernize things until they are uniquely watered-down. This course taught something ancient in a new and relevant way. It is evident that God has anointed Nelson and Pam with the vision to share how coaching and discipleship so beautifully work together. I look forward to implementing Discipleship Coaching in my ministry, and equipping others to do the same.