Coach, Ask Thyself!

As a coach, powerful questioning will be one of the most important tools in your kit. But when’s the last time YOU experienced a powerful question? If you’re like me, you might get caught up in the doing of life, and giving to others, and forget to ask yourself the same powerful questions you’re asking clients. Or you neglect to give yourself the reflection time to answer.

Working with my own coach has been a wonderful way to make sure that I turn my attention to the powerful questions I need to be answering. Right now, I’m still musing on one that my coach asked back in the summertime: “So, Val, what’s the one thing you need to zero in on, almost exclusively?”

As someone who regularly catches myself focusing on a bazillion things at once, that question was spot on. And it also demonstrates one of my favorite things about powerful questions: their long shelf life. A relevant question like this one takes root and is there for the long haul – because change takes time.

What is the most powerful question you’ve ever answered? How is it still relevant for you today?

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J. Val Hastings

J. Val Hastings, MCC, is the Founder and President of Coaching4Clergy, which provides specialized training for pastors, church leaders and coaches. Val is the author of the book The Next Great Awakening: How to Empower God’s People with a Coach Approach to Ministry and the e-book The E3-Church: Empowered, Effective and Entrepreneurial Leadership That Will Keep Your Church Alive. Val currently holds the designation of Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, the highest coaching designation.

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