Coaching Pastors and Churches through Transition and Change

In a section of our upcoming coaching book, Ministry 3.0: How Today’s Church Leaders are using Coaching to Transform Ministry, we explore how coaching helped pastors and congregations get through periods of major change and transition, including the development of multi-church sites and new church sites.

In one chapter, Ed Hale describes how through a series of events called “Dialogue with the Pastor,” he coached a congregation through the transition into their next period of history – finding a new pastor. With the average pastor moving once every three or four years, this is an important topic for coaches who work with pastors, church staff, ministry leaders and congregations.

As he describes his process, Ed highlights the need for coaches to employ a different set of listening skills. “It required radar-like sensors to pay attention to what was not being said as well as what was implied from numerous people simultaneously.” Whether in coaching or in ministry, these skills help provide “a safe environment for everyone to share thoughts and feelings.” For any new pastor or a pastor in transition, good listening skills will be your best friend!

Stay tuned for the launch of Ministry 3.0 in the fall of 2012.

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