Coaching the ELEPHANT in the Room

elephant-in-the-roomA lot of my time and energy over the past several weeks has been helping others to coach “the Elephant in the Room.” The elephant-in-the-room is the deeper, core issue that is right there, plain as day. Yet nobody wants to deal with it.

Why? Figuratively speaking, elephants are big, and dangerous and hard to move. So are our “elephants in the room.”

We do others a huge dis-service when we ignore the “elephant-in-their room.”

We are not doing our best when we tip-toe around the “elephant-in-their room” in our church or ministry setting.

In their book, “Challenging Coaching”, John Blakey and Ian Day point out the need for balance between support and challenge.

In our coach training our students gain practical skill development in both support and challenge.

A faculty member recently reported to me that during a coaching demonstration the student coach acknowledged and affirmed the person he was coaching over and over again, while never getting to the core issue. I asked the faculty what her feedback was. Her response, “I told him that he totally missed the elephant in the room. And we talked as a class about how to coach the core issue at hand.”

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