Coaching Your Way Through the Scriptures – David’s Story

This blog post series began with Jacob’s story and a coaching lesson about knowing your true identity. Today we continue to mine the coaching gold within the text of the Scriptures.

In 1 Samuel 17:38-40, we find the story of David preparing to fight the giant Goliath. Saul, with good intentions, dresses David (a boy) in his (adult-size) armor. David recognizes that this won’t work and removes the armor. He chooses instead to use his sling, which he is skilled at. David proceeds to defeat the giant.

Saul’s story is a common story. With the best of intentions, we attempt to fix each other all the time, by telling someone else what to do or passing along prescriptions of what worked for us. In most cases, these suggestions do nothing to help move the person forward or succeed.

Saul’s actions in this story give us several powerful coaching questions:

When are you most like Saul? What’s your track record with telling and fixing? Be honest. How might Saul have been more helpful? How can you be more helpful?

David’s choices give us even more gold. David’s insight – his “aha!” moment – is what I really want for you. David became aware of the skills and abilities he already had that would work for him in this situation. He recognized that God had been preparing him for years for this very moment.

What skills and abilities are already being perfected within you? How do you see that God has prepared you for today’s challenges and opportunities?

Now turn your attention to those you influence, lead, pastor, coach or mentor. Who are the “Saul’s”? Who are the “David’s”? How can you help each of them to live out the lessons in this ageless story?







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