Coaching4Clergy Success Story

Naomi - picAs my job responsibilities expanded to include coaching and the training of coaches I decided it was time for me to follow up on a long-time aspiration.  I knew that I would not be satisfied with a purely secular approach to coaching.  I also know that I would not be happy with an exclusively faith-based training.  Without inquiry on my part several different acquaintances independently mentioned having heard of a coaching outfit in the northeast.  When I checked it out, I interviewed with the founder.  I was drawn to the clear and compelling vision.

An injury postponed by beginning classes.  Coaching4clergy was responsive to my temporary setback and worked with me to get back on track on my timeline.  The emphasis on giving and receiving constructive criticism rooted in the ICF standards drew me in to a safe learning environment with high expectations, generous encouragement and an abundance of grace to take risks.  The variety of teachers—each with her or his style—encouraged me to find and then hone my own style.  The combination of in-person and virtual classes made the required ICF education reasonably attainable.  The variety of class topics has been broad enough to help me explore several possible venues for coaching.

I am pleased that I am making excellent and consistent progress in raising my coaching competencies.  Coaching demonstrations have become more life-giving as my confidence grows.  I am certain that my standard for the coaches-in-training I teach and supervise is far higher than it would have been had I not learned from some of the best teachers in any discipline.

Naomi García