Coaching4Clergy’s Global Mission to Turn Every Pastor Into A Coach

The Global Coach Initiative is our brand new offering that allows church associations, judiciary groups and other denominational organizations to host coach training for groups of 50 or more. Pastors and church leaders from these groups will be able to learn and practice basic coaching skills.

Research and experience show that coach training can dramatically enhance the ministry leader’s effectiveness as a leader and greatly increase their impact. More effective leadership means more churches can grow and thrive, and this benefits the entire local community.

“It’s always been our mission to turn every pastor, ministry staff and church leader into a coach,” says Coaching4Clergy Founder J. Val Hastings, “This is us being smarter with that goal. The Global Coaching Initiative allows us to impact larger groups of pastors in one single event.”

Participating pastors, ministry staff and church leaders receive an introduction to coaching, including a coaching demonstration, coaching theory and model, hands-on practice, and an e-book for ongoing reference. The host organization pays only $49 per person, making this one of the most economical training options out there. As Hastings puts it, “There are no more excuses.”

So why should a denominational conference, jurisdiction, judiciary, association or other group consider partnering with us in the Global Coach Initiative? For one thing, there’s the price – you pay only $49 per person, however you decide to pass that along to your members to cover your other costs for hosting and promoting the event.

For another thing, you will have immediate access to our full range of coach training services and programs that cover a wide range of needs and experience levels. With Coaching4Clergy as your coach training provider, you will be able to offer a robust suite of development programs that will position your numbers to ride this new wave of spiritual curiosity and create a church experience people want to be part of.

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