Culture always eats strategy for breakfast.

Tremendous emphasis is often placed on strategies like action planning and goal setting.  While strategy is important, the problem is that most strategic planning fails. Some statistics suggest that the failure rate is as high as 87%.

Why doesn’t strategy work? 

First, let me say that strategy is important. Of greater importance is culture.  Unless we get to the DNA of the organizations that we lead, our strategies will be ineffective.  Hence the phrase: Culture always eats strategy for breakfast.

As today’s leaders, we need to place greater emphasis on DNA-work.  We’ve got to get to the heart of things:  core beliefs, values and motivators.  In coaching we call this getting to the WHO.

Tapping into the who-ness is the first step.  Then the transformational work begins. We teach our coach training students this approach….and provide them with real-time coaching in this area.

If you’re serious about leadership, give culture a try.  It’s the breakfast of champions!

All the best to you,

New Class: Discipleship Coaching

Coaching4Clergy is pleased to announce that we are piloting a new elective class: Discipleship Coaching. It will be held on Thursdays in June (June 4, 11, 18, & 25, 2015) at 3:00pm Eastern Time.

If you’re studying to become a life coach, and you’d love to apply the principles of coaching in your church, maybe you’re not entirely sure how. You may also be disappointed in how your church makes disciples, and you would like to discover a new way. Discipleship and coaching is a perfect match.  This class will take the strengths of coaching to help you transform how your church makes disciples.

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Discipleship Coaching
Cost: $145.00

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