Expect Pushback

In this month’s feature article, Sustainability – Does Your Church Have the Capacity to Endure? I quoted blogger Dan Dick. Today, I want to invite you back to Dan’s blog, this time on more of a guided tour.

What I’d like to point out is how Dan reminds us of the importance of call and purpose. He challenges us to be serious about our purpose, while also highlighting the real reactions and pushback we can expect.

While doing this, he doesn’t pull any punches. He speaks truth and calls us to action.

I want to share two of his posts with you today. In the first post, Dan shares the reaction that one pastor received who was trying to ask some important questions in his congregation. In the way he tells the story, Dan invites all of us to RETHINK CHURCH—really look at who we are and how we are operating.

Read Dan’s post: Make-No-Wave United Methodist Church

In the second post, Dan uses the very effective metaphor of the wood-chipper to explain the challenge—the futility, really—of trying to implement change on a superficial level. “Putting fine china in the chipper won’t raise the quality of the chipper; it just destroys the china.”

Read Dan’s post: DMC – Divided Methodist Church

I’d love to hear your comments below (and I’m sure Dan would appreciate comments on his blog, as well).

What are some of the blogs that get you thinking? If you have any recommendations for our next “guided tour,” please leave them below or send them to me directly.

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