Feeling stuck? Coach yourself.

Feeling Stuck? 

The following questions are offered as a way to coach yourself:


  • What is the cost of being stuck right now?  What is the benefit of being stuck right now?
  • What’s the difference between making things happen and allowing things to happen?  When is it time for each of these?
  • Who or what are your biggest time drainers?
  • Where are you not taking responsibility? Taking too much responsibility?
  • How different would ministry be if you only did the things that you alone can do and empowered others to do the rest?
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Are you interested in coaching pastors and ministry leaders?

Client 3Do you already have your ACC, PCC, or MCC? Consider our Certificate program in Ministry Coaching. This program provides you with 16 hours of ICF accredited training hours. The training hours include interviews with ministry leaders, the opportunity to coach a pastor or ministry leader for three months, and classes focusing on issues in ministry.  

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