Get out of the way!

During a recent feedback session with a new coach, I suggested that the biggest contribution that he could make to improve his coaching would be to:  Get out of the way! I then offered him a few examples of how he was getting in the way of the progress of his coachee.

  • His habit of summarizing for the other person.
  • His desire to explore details and specifics that the other person already knew.
  • His need to be helpful – which wasn’t helpful at all.

I am happy to report that he understood the point I was making – especially after he listened to the recording of his coaching.

As leaders, our job is to lead the way, not get in the way! When we get in the way, we make it about us and get in the way of forward progress.  A question that we need to regularly ask ourselves is: How can I get out of the way today? 

Let’s make a deliberate effort today to Lead the Way! while we simultaneously Get out of the Way!

All the best to you,

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