Here’s Where the Magic Happens….

Whether you are a pastor, a coach or a church leader, we all understand that life change usually happens outside of our comfort zone. We get this!

The real question is how do we help people step out of their comfort zone?

where-the-magic-happensJesus was a Master at inviting people to step out of their comfort zone. His presence invited them to step out. Here’s some examples of how Jesus did this:

• To the man waiting to be healed at the Pool of Bethsada, Jesus asked a powerful question: “Do you want to be well?”
• To Zaccheus, who had climbed up a tree, Jesus went and spent time with him and listened deeply.
• To a rich young ruler, Jesus let him walk away and didn’t try to force the issue. Jesus was willing to wait until he was ready.
• To a fisherman, Jesus was very direct in his communication and invited him to follow.
• To a group of disciples confused about how to feed thousands of people, Jesus got them involved in the process.

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