How Church Leaders Can Empower Their Pastors

As a non-ordained church leader, you may sometimes feel unequipped to advise, direct or lead your church’s pastor. You may feel frustrated by the problems in your church, and you may even have the sense of wanting to move your church forward in spite of the pastor. Yet you can see that in today’s changing landscape of ministry, everyone must come together to ensure the sustainability of your church.

And pastors have their own problems. In most cases, their seminary training didn’t prepare fully them for their leadership role. Church leaders can be most effective when they support, develop and empower the pastor, the pastoral team and each other.

You might notice that your own leadership training (if you’ve had any) is not serving you today. Maybe you’re working from an outdated model or you’re working against a culture that shuts down your efforts before they get off the ground.

Coach training gives church leaders the skills and practice to work with and evolve the culture of their church. By developing stronger listening skills, you will be able to more effectively lead people towards accomplishing what have all decided is best for the community.

With limited budgets, many churches today will not even have full-time pastors, and so the non-ordained church leaders must fill the gap and help your pastors make the most of their time. You owe it to yourself, your pastor and your congregation to open yourself up to a leadership model that really works – coach training.

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