How do get people to hire you as a coach? Part 2 of 3

Client - 2How do you get coaching clients?

Almost every new coach is asking this question.  Last week I shared secret number one:  How can I help you?  Here’s another  “secret” of how I get coaching clients.

Secret Number Two:  Identify Your Connectors

Here’s how it works…..

Identify people that know how to get things done, or that know how to influence people.  In some cases these are people you already know; although my experience is that they are usually just outside or on the fringe of the people you already know.

Then invest in them.  Let them experience firsthand the value of coaching.

Once a connector is convinced about your coaching, they will naturally tell others about your coaching.

BTW- This was my strategy as the pastor of a local church.  It worked in my churches, as well as in my coaching.

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