How Do You Lead When You Disagree with the Decision?

Earlier this week I was coaching a group of leaders. In several instances the leaders reported that decision in their organization had been made that they did not agree with. To make matters worse, in their role as leader, it was their job to implement the decision. One leader after another reported the struggle with leading when you believe it’s the wrong decision.

After some serious complaining, we got to the core question: How do you lead when you disagree with the decision? Here’s what we came up with as a group:

·        Check your Ego!  Many leaders saw the decision as personal – an afront to their leadership. It took a while…. actually a very long time…. to check their egos. Eventually they began to see each of their decisions differently. One individual remarked that this was simply a difference of opinion, not an attack. She went on to say how good it felt to change her perspective.

·        Model Healthy Behavior. We also spoke about the value of modeling healthy leadership behavior and that this would bear fruit in the future.

·        Next. In addition, several leaders talked about the importance of simply moving on to the next key decision.

How about you? What’s your response when you disagree with a decision?

All the best to you,

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