How Do You Lead When You’re Constantly Being Interrupted?

I hear it repeatedly from the leaders I coach.
·        I can’t get anything done.
·        The interruptions are constant.
·        I lose my focus, and the day is gone.

How do you lead when you’re constantly being interrupted?

I like the suggestion of scheduling Untouchable Days. (Neil Pasricha, March 16, 2018 HBR: Why You Need an Untouchable Day Every Week.)

Here’s what Neil Pasricha has to say about Untouchable Days:

On the actual Untouchable Day itself, I picture myself sitting in a bulletproof car surrounded by two-inches of thick impenetrable plastic on all sides. Nothing gets in. Nothing gets out. Meetings bounce off the windshield. Texts, alerts, and phone calls, too. My cell phone is in Airplane Mode all day. My laptop has Wi-Fi completely disabled. Not a single thing can bother me… and not a single thing does.

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