How Good Are You at Saying NO?

If you’re like many of today’s leaders, saying NO is a challenge.

I get it. You want to help. You want to make a difference. That’s why you are in leadership. Yet, if you say YES to everything – you become ineffective!

What do you do? Learn to say NO!

That’s right-saying NO is a learned skill. And just like every other skill, with practice it gets easier.

If saying NO is a learned skill, consider the following:

·        Practice saying NO. I know one person who has decided that every day he would say no to at least one thing.

·        Notice when it’s easier to say NO. Notice when it’s harder to say NO. What are you discovering about yourself?

·        Who do you know that is a master at knowing when to say NO and when to say YES? What can you learn from them?

·        What are the guidelines that you will put into place when deciding whether to say YES or NO?

All the best to you,

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