How NOT to Empower Others!

At Coaching4Clergy we talk a lot about empowering and equipping others.  We often quote Ephesians 4: 5 that says that the role of the pastor is to equip and empower the saints. 

Just for fun…...I came up with a Top Ten List of how NOT to empower and equip others.

  1. Believe that you have to do it all yourself.  Or, at least act as if you are the only one that can do it correctly.
  2. Always wear your Fix-It Hat.  View everyone and everything as broken.
  3. Stop listening part way through the conversation. Begin formulating your response long before the other person has finished speaking.
  4. Avoid awkward silence.  When in doubt….talk!
  5. Assume that what worked for you will for others.  One size fits all.
  6. Squelch all fun and celebration.  Feeling good about accomplishments always leads to empowerment.
  7. Do not Execute.  Devote tremendous amounts of time to the vision, while expending little to no energy and effort to the execution of the plan.
  8. Never follow-up, support or offer resources.  Your responsibility is over once you have delegated.
  9. Multi-task.  Do NOT give someone your complete and undivided attention.
  10. Use lots of “should”, “oughts” and “musts”.  Guilt people into doing things. 

Of course, if you really want to empower and equip others, just do the opposite of the above Top Ten List

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