How Psalm 139 Shows Us Our Greatness

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The Scriptures hold many powerful coaching lessons, and we’re exploring some of them this month on the blog. Consider Psalm 139, which talks about how well God knows us, from before we were ever born. And at the end of the verse, David invites God to “search me, test me, know my thoughts,” because he wants God to know him even more.

There are powerful coaching lessons wrapped up in this concept for the many people walking around this world feeling inadequate. They don’t think they have anything to contribute. They don’t feel like they measure up to someone else or other people in general. Maybe you sometimes feel like this.

How would your life be different if you knew that God knew everything about you and still loved you unconditionally? What would be different today – right now – if you knew that you were fearfully and wonderfully made? What negative tapes or sabotage would be erased if you knew you were created just the way you are, intentionally by God?

As we coach people and use a coaching approach to ministry, we can show people their greatness by reminding them of God’s unconditional love.

As a pastor, one of my favorite expression was that “God’s fingerprints are all over us.” When you see life from that perspective, everything you’ve named as a “mistake” or even a “tragedy” can be seen as the loving work and protection of God, guiding us through life’s lessons in his own perfect way.

Who in your life needs to be reminded that God knows and loves them?

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J. Val Hastings

J. Val Hastings, MCC, is the Founder and President of Coaching4Clergy, which provides specialized training for pastors, church leaders and coaches. Val is the author of the book The Next Great Awakening: How to Empower God’s People with a Coach Approach to Ministry and the e-book The E3-Church: Empowered, Effective and Entrepreneurial Leadership That Will Keep Your Church Alive. Val currently holds the designation of Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, the highest coaching designation.

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