How to Be Less Defensive

The topic during one of our recent coaching classes was how to be less defensive. We had a lot of laughs and came up with lots of ideas. One of the students shared a concept I had never heard before. It’s the concept of imperturbability, which he learned in his martial arts training. Here’s what he told us about imperturbability:

In my martial arts training, we talk a lot about imperturbability. Imperturbability is the ability to remain calm, peaceful, loving, and discerning even in a moment of high agitation. In my training I was invited to consider the image of a rock dropping into a body of water. Sometimes we are a like a puddle. When a rock is dropped into a puddle, it will HIGHLY disrupt the water. There will be a huge splash, and it will actually change everything. Our goal, however, is to be like the ocean. Virtually any size rock dropped into the ocean will be easily swallowed up and unnoticeable.

How wide and deep is the pool of water within you?

How can you be less “puddle-like” and more “ocean-like”?

All the best to you,

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