How to Celebrate Ministry by Doing Your Taxes

Tax time. It’s inevitable. Some people think of it is paying rent to your country. At the very least, paying your taxes in full and on time is a way to live with integrity and honesty.

Since we’ve been talking this month about what we can be celebrating in April (there’s Easter, of course, and also National Volunteer Week), is there a way to turn even tax time into something to celebrate? You bet!

Think of it this way: Tax time is a chance to tally up your debits and credits for the year; to step back, take stock and take a good honest look at what you’ve accomplished. And once your taxes are out of the way, you’re free to tally up your ministry the same way.

For some people, looking at the balance sheet shows they’re in the red – depleted of time, energy and ideas. Others haven’t stopped long enough to realize how well they were doing, and they certainly didn’t celebrate or acknowledge themselves.

What do you want your ministry balance sheet to read in April 2013?

What needs to happen between now and then to make that a reality?

Who do you need to be in order to make those things happen?

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