How to Use Coaching in Palliative Care

Pastors are trained to recognize situations where they must refer a person to an outside professional, such as a therapist. After meeting with someone, they must assess whether that person is “broken” and needs “fixing.” Pastors don’t fix people, we guide and counsel on spiritual matters.

Palliative care is one typical situation that brings someone to pastoral counselling. Grief is a strong emotion, whether we are meeting someone who is dying or the family members who are losing that person. For some pastors, end-of-life counseling is a situation that is outside the realm of what they are prepared to handle.

What if we stopped labeling grief that way, and dismissing palliative care issues as something that can only be addressed by a therapist? What if we were to view grief as a natural, healthy process that we can support someone through?

At Coaching4Clergy, we recognize that grief and palliative care are challenging areas for pastors to deal with, and so we’re providing you with tools that can help. Stay tuned for news about the launch of our Coaching-at-End-of-life coaching training in March, 2012.

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