How to Use Coaching in Your Local Church

When I first began working with my own coach, I immediately saw how coaching could benefit – even transform – churches and ministry. Even in my earliest coaching experiences I felt the beginnings of our Coaching4Clergy vision: Every pastor, ministry staff and church leader a coach.

In my recent article in Christian Coaching Magazine, I was reflecting on how things have evolved since then. While I used to spend time trying to convince people to try coaching, lately it seems as though we can’t train new pastor coaches fast enough. Even while we’re delivering our basic training, students are asking when they can continue with the next level.

The potential reach of what we’re doing astounds me. Just last month, we trained more than 70 pastors as part of a national conference. Each of them returned to a local church and community, where they can apply what they’ve learned. And maybe they’ll even inspire other local pastors to embrace the principles of coaching and seek out coach training for themselves.

Yet as excited as they may be about their newfound coaching skills, we find that even some of the most gifted and intelligent pastors are still puzzled by the idea of bringing these skills and principles back to their local church.

And so this month on the Coaching4Clergy blog I’ll describe three concrete uses for coaching in the local church. Be sure to watch for the new posts, and share your comments on the blog or on our Facebook page.

We will cover:

How to Use Coaching in Discipleship

How to Use Coaching With Staff and Volunteer Teams

How to Use Coaching in Pastoral Care

P.S. This would make a good topic for a book, don’t you think? Stay tuned…


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