How will coach training increase my effectiveness as a ministry leader?

My opinion is that Mastery of the Core Coaching Competencies increase the Ministry Leader’s effectiveness.  Read about three Core Coaching Competencies below:

Powerful Questions and Deep Listening:

  • Peter Drucker states, “The leader of the past may have been a person who knew how to tell, but certainly the leader of the future will be a person who knows how to ask.”
  • The Ministry Leader as Coach will have a distinct advantage in this area.  Coaches learn how to ask powerful questions and listen deeply to the responses.

Artful Language:

  • A recent quote states that 10% of conflict is due to difference of opinion.  90% of conflict is due to wrong tone of voice. ( )
  • Coaches become masters at language, especially tone, inflection and body language.  Conflict due to tone of voice can be greatly reduced.

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