How William Bridges Can Help Church Leaders Get Their Team Through The Wilderness

“The message conveyed by the plagues is the same: ‘The old ways aren’t working anymore.’ It is a difficult message for the beneficiaries of the status quo to hear. They ‘harden their hearts,’ just as Pharaoh did. But in doing so, they push the old system closer to destruction.” – William Bridges, Getting Them Through the Wilderness: A Leader’s Guide to Transition

In last week’s post I mentioned Benjamin Zander and his book as a wonderful example of building a culture of appreciation. Today I wanted to introduce you to the work of William Bridges, who has been a major influence of mine ever since I was the pastor of a local church. Now that I am a coach, his books are right next to my telephone within easy reach while coaching pastors and church leaders. In particular, my clients have appreciated his use of Moses and the Exodus story, which he believes “should be studied by anyone interested in how to lead a group of people from an old way of doing things to a new way.”

On the topic of creating a culture of appreciation, Bridges shares in his book, Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, that we can really only embrace new beginnings when we have honored and acknowledged what’s ending/the past.

I invite you to explore the work of William Bridges – there is a collection of articles on his website at I believe he will be a valuable resource as you implement the significant changes and deep shifts needed at this time.

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