I am called to coach!

I still remember my initial reaction to coaching.  “This is what I want to do!” In that moment I knew that I was called to coach.

In a recent coaching class, I asked students what they thought about coaching.  Their responses brought back memories and put a smile on my face. Below is a sampling of what they told me:

  • I was born to coach!
  • Coaching impacts everything I do as a pastor.
  • This will be a great skill set for the pre-marital work I do with newly engaged couples.
  • Everyone in ministry needs to know how to coach!

Over the next few weeks our Winter Intensive Coaching Classes begin.  I want to invite you to register for your first coaching class.  Or, if you are already a coach — register for additional coach training.  

See below for the schedule of online classes being offered during the Winter and Spring seasons. 

See you in Class!


Online Classes

Complete Details
Winter Intensive
February 17-April 28, 2015
Modules 1 & 2
Winter Intensive
February 2-April 20, 2015
Modules 3 & 4
Spring Intensive
March 17-May 28, 2015
Modules 1 & 2

To read more about our Professional Coach Training program, which is fully accredited through the International Coach Federation, click below:  

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