If I Take C4C’s Coach Training, Can I Coach Business and Corporate People?

This is a fair question.

The answer is YES!

While our typical students are pastors, ministry leaders or non-ordained church leaders, our students are all learning the Core Coaching Competencies. The Coaching Competencies are transferable and apply equally when coaching business owners, non-profit leaders or ministry leaders.

In addition, our faculty is comprised of ministry leaders and corporate leaders. You can tap into their expertise.


(Val speaking) While most of the people I coach have a ministry background, there are many corporate and business professionals that seek me out as their coach…..because I have a faith background.

I once asked an Engineer why he hired me as his coach, especially since I didn’t know anything about engineering. I will never forget his response: “I’m not hiring you because of your engineering expertise. I already have that. I’m hiring you because you’re a great coach AND I like that you are a person of faith.”




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