Is it time for a Hat Inventory?

Too many hats-Not enough time!  Time for a Hat Inventory?

The following questions are offered as a way to coach yourself on the hats that you wear in ministry:

  • Do a hat inventory.  How many hats do you wear in any given month of ministry?
  • What hats longer fit, nor serve you well?
  • What hat have you been avoiding?  Deep down you know it’s time to wear this hat.
  • What if you were told that you could only have 4 to 5  ministry hats – no more. Name those 4 to 5 hats. What would you do with all of the other ministry hats?
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  Upcoming Events from You Unlimited:

A Coaching4Clergy Satellite Program 

Module 1: Coaching Foundations On-Site Training Event
Identify your potential as a leader and equip yourself to develop others to be better leaders. This program offers 32 hours of our International Coach Federation accredited coach training in just three days.

Location:  Kansas City, Missouri

Dates/Times:  March 11-13, 2014 – 9:00am to 7:30pm Central Time

Click here for more information and to register.

Ending Well and Starting Strong
Are you preparing to move to serve a new church? Would you like to end your current ministry assignment well? Do you desire to have a strong new start in your new ministry setting? This class includes practical steps to both ending well and starting strong when changing/starting new ministries. We will explore topics such as assessments, legacy, small wins, building a team, building a plan and much more. This class is a must for preparing for ministry changes!
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Coaching for Transformation
Assessing Transformation, Defining the Target, Reality Check and Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement are the four main areas of concentration in learning the coach-approach for transformation. Learn how to use the coach-approach to lead transformation in your staff and organization. We are living in an ever-changing culture. Learn how to lead people and organizations through the process in effective ways with limited conflict. A must-have tool for today’s ministry leader!
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Coach Approach to Preaching
Come prepared to explore a new method to move people in their faith development through preaching. Learn how to incorporate the coach-approach in your weekly preaching to evoke movement, pondering, and development in your congregation.
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Coaching Approach to Missional Time Management for Church Leaders
In this class we will identify the gaps in how pastors spend their time to become missional pastors reaching new people.  Learn about the three primary buckets of missional time management.  Walk away with a plan to manage your time in a new way to become more effective as a pastor, leader and time manager.
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Mastermind Coaching Groups
For Pastors: Would you like to gather electronically monthly to stretch your leadership skills as a pastor, hear from other like-minded pastors and have a safe place to share and process your ministry challenges? Come join this group of pastors who desire to grow, be challenged and support fellow pastors. This group will be a combination of topical discussions, peer mentoring and personal development. Size is limited, so sign up today!
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For Coaches Coaching Pastors and Churches:  Are you a coach working in ministry settings looking for support, new techniques, and topical discussions? Are you looking to grow in your coaching skills and to be challenged by others also coaching in ministry? Would you like to be able to process ministry scenarios in a safe environment with others who understand the ministry setting? If so, this group is for you. Size is limited, so sign up today!
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