Is it time to play it safe? Or, take a leap of faith?

Is 2014 the year for you to play it safe? 

Or, is this the year for you to take a leap of faith? Some people go their whole life without taking a risk, without straying from the path that they’ve been on, no matter how unpleasant it is.  Others leap from one adventure to the next, with little regard for risk or security. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle.  

Where would we be today if others hadn’t taken a leap of faith? Consider how different things would be if:

  • Noah had decided to play it safe and not build an ark.
  • Abraham and Sarah had decided not to take a leap of faith by going, not knowing.
  • Moses had decided that the risk of leaving Egypt was too great.
  • David had listened to the naysayers and never confronted Goliath.

Is it time for a Leap of Faith?  While there are no formulas or strategies that will guarantee success when taking a leap, there are essential items that you will want to consider before taking that leap of faith.

  • Choose Leaps worth taking.  At the end of your life, is this the leap you would regret not taking?
  • Is this Leap BIG ENOUGH? Am I playing too small?  Remember, you can’t jump a 20 foot chasm with two 10 foot leaps.
  • Consider the timing of your Leap. What’s the rush?   Is now the best time to take this Leap?  Take the time to really think it through and pray about it.
  • Develop a team.  What additional talents and gifts are needed?  Take another look at those around you.  Who can help you with this leap?
  • Take DAILY action steps.  It’s frequently helpful to break down your leap into smaller, daily steps.  What are those daily steps?  Take them!

One final word…..remember that leaps of faith, like ripples in a pond, are far reaching. They impact others as much, if not more, than they impact you.

All the best to you,

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