It’s like a non-stop episode of MacGyver.

This month we are addressing the key shifts for today’s leaders. I’m pausing mid-point to highlight the concept of Multiple Paradigm Leadership.

Simply put, we are living in a time of unprecedented, continuous, RAPID shift.  This is the environment of today’s leaders.

No one paradigm really fits – and if it does, not for long! 

It’s like re-building the plane while you are flying it, only to discover that you need to re-build it again and again and again. It’s like a non-stop episode of MacGyver. You’re never really done and everything is in various stages of formation and transformation.

In future articles we will discuss strategies. For now I want you to simply acknowledge what is. Seeing and acknowledging is often the first step.

Resist the urge to judge the paradigms and the rapid shifts.That won’t help you fly the plane. 

For now, be MacGyver-like and be creative and resourceful in the moment.

All the best to you,

An Introduction to Virtual Action Learning

Adults learn best when they decide what they want to learn, and the learning is closely linked to issues or problems of immediate concern.  In action learning, learning is directly linked to change and action, and therefore makes a difference in the workplace.  Participants learn to coach, self-coach and give feedback.

Virtual Action Learning is useful when:

  • you want to mix and match participants from different areas to safeguard confidentiality
  • you have limited budget for travel to a central location
  • you want to provide a model of best practices for virtual leadership
  • you want to encourage cross-cultural or cross-organisational collaboration

This webinar will help you better understand what Virtual Action Learning looks like and how you can develop your people with the skills to use it well.

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