Join Us!

I have an obsession.  In fact it’s a global obsession!  Here it is….Every Leader a Coach!   I want every leader globally to have coaching skills in her or his toolkit.

Why? Simply put – Coaches develop people!

What if every member of your leadership team was actively bringing out the best in other team members?  Productivity and sustainability would skyrocket. Big audacious ideas would be more than dreams – they would become a reality. Now imagine a world like this. Wow! What a wonderful world that would be.

Join me in making my global obsession a reality by:

  • Enrolling in a coach training class and learning how to coach.
  • Encouraging others to train as a coach.
  • Hosting a coach training event for the leadership of your organization.
  • Considering joining our team as a trainer or faculty member.
  • Or, launching one of our satellite programs in your area.

All the best to you,

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