Every once in a while a phrase catches my attention.  That’s what happened afew days ago.  While quickly scanning my HBR articles, I stopped mid-scan and read:  JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE IN CHARGE DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD RUN EVERY MEETING.

Paul Axtel, the person that coined this phrase, is the author of the book, Meetings Matter: 8 Powerful Strategies for Remarkable Conversation. He outlines several key benefits of letting others lead a meeting. Consider the following benefit:

  • It gives you time to listen, reflect and focus your input. This frees you up to contribute your observations, experience, and perspectives.

As the one in charge you have a unique perspective and understanding, which is absolutely essential for the overall success for your team.  It’s a bit of a leadership paradox – isn’t it?  Even though you are in charge, your greatest contribution is often not being in charge.

Today’s Leaders understand this leadership paradox…and are letting go! The start of a new year is the perfect time to implement this shift.  Give yourself the freedom in 2017 to listen, reflect and focus your input!

To read Paul Axtel’s full HBR article, click on the following link: HTTPS://HBR.ORG/2016/12/JUST-BECAUSE-YOURE-IN-CHARGE-DOESNT-MEAN-YOU-SHOULD-RUN-EVERY-MEETING

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