Just say No!

Last week I invited you to consider “subtraction” as a goal for 2016. I suggested that you identify several things that you could leave in 2015. Or, identify things that you could stop doing. Today I want you to give yourself permission to say “NO.” And to say it often!

Decide that you are going to say “No.” – unless it’s absolutely what you want. Sometimes you will be able to say “no” easily, because it’s clearly not what you want. Other times, it’s “sort of” what you want – and you’re just not sure. If you’re not sure, then just say no.

When you become good at saying no, you are preventing a whole new list of items and projects from filling the space that you have just cleared away. In other words, you don’t want to fill the healthy space that you have just created with a whole bunch of new stuff.

This week decide to say “No” more.

All the best to you,



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