Keep Calm and work with a coach!

What one group of coaches is saying!keep calm

I was talking with one of our student coaches the other day and she told me about a slogan that a group of coaches has come up with.  The slogan is a play on the phrase:  Keep Calm and Carry On!  Their slogan is:  Keep Calm and Work with a Coach!

I love it. And isn’t it true!

Working with a coach helps a person to really zero in and focus on what the next step is.  Then, in addition to the plan, they also develop the needed support and address sabotage and limiting beliefs.  The net result is often calm.

Are you in need of calm?  Or, are you looking to gain the skills and expertise to help others Keep Calm?  Coaching can help.

As the slogan says….work with a coach!  Or become a coach.

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