Leadership by Strategic Absence

While I enjoyed being the pastor of several local churches, there is one thing that I do not miss at all. I do not miss all the meetings and functions!  The larger the church, the greater number of meetings to attend.

It was not humanly possible for me to attend them all. In a leadership meeting, I raised this issue.  One of the patriarchs stated, “But if you’re not at the meeting, then the meeting must not be that important.” Someone else piped up and declared, “It’s a ministry of presence!”  The presence of the pastor validates.

I get it!  A ministry of presence perpetuates the over-valuing of the ordained and dis-empowers the laity. If we really believe in the priesthood of all believers, then let’s model this. Pastors, we can’t do everything and be everywhere.

We must be both strategically present and ABSENT!

It is similar to playing on a sports team. The coaches emphasizes: Play your position. Let others play their position.

Many years ago, when I first started working with a coach, he worked with me on was this very topic.  My coach helped me to be the best at my positionand only my position.

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