Let your friends and colleague alone!

Today we are looking at one final challenge for newer coaches.  In previous newsletters we have addressed the following challenges:

  • Trying to fix people
  • What to say next.
  • Charging a fee
  • Letting go of a brilliant question
  • Stacking questions

The final challenge is developing a network to help you expand your coaching.

When I was starting out as a new coach, I thought that my existing network of friends and colleagues would help me launch my coaching.  Boy, was I ever disappointed. Big time!

Here is what I discovered about my existing friends and colleagues:

  • They didn’t understand what coaching was, and…..
  • They really just wanted to be my friends and colleagues!

I made a BOLD decision. Instead of being frustrated by my friends and colleagues, I decided to let them be simply my friends and colleagues.  And I started looking elsewhere.

Out on the fringe of my network I found people that I barely knew or new acquaintances.  Many of these fringe friends were genuinely interested in coaching, AND they wanted to help others benefit from coaching.

My new network began to develop, and then something happened.  One person introduced me to another person who introduced me to another person.  Three introductions later, my newest acquaintance brought me 34 people to coach.  This isn’t a fairy tale!

And this same thing happened again with someone else in my new network.  And then again and again. 15 years later, it’s still happening. BTW- every graduate of our ACTP program is schooled in this approach.  Let me know if you want to know more.

My final comment: Let your friends and colleague alone.  Let them be your friends and colleagues.  Join me out on the fringe!

All the best to you,


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